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Dolphins share a special affinity with their human cousins.  Playful and friendly, they’re anxious to welcome us into the waves with them and at Ocean World, we make this magical meeting a reality.

With the help of our highly trained staff, those lucky enough to take part in the Dolphin Swim slip into the warm Caribbean waters of our Dolphin Cove to meet these amazing sea creatures face to face and hand to fin.  You’ll stroke their glistening, rubbery skins, watch them leap and dive and finish up your amazing encounter being carried through the water between two dolphins in a ‘dorsal fin’ tow.

As you can imagine, this program sells out very quickly, so reservations are required at least three weeks in advance.

Why does Ocean World offer dolphin swim and encounter programs?

Because we love to be able to watch people’s dreams come true!  Seeing the faces of our guests as they meet one of our incredible dolphins for the very first time is something we can’t get enough of!

As dolphin caretakers, we have a unique ability to offer our guests not only fascinating educational introductions, but also the rare opportunity for intimate contact with the dolphins.  Our hope is that every guest who meets and falls in love with an Ocean World dolphin will leave our park committed to conserve and protect these very special creatures.

30 Minutes interaction with 2 dolphins.

Although not a swim program, the Dolphin Encounter offers an up-close-and-personal opportunity for guests of all ages to meet these incredible mammals in the safety and comfort of waist deep water.  Guests will stroke, hug and even dance a quick meringue with our people-loving dolphins while posing for some once-in-a-lifetime photos!

Lunch buffet included

Ocean World has eight Southern Sea Lions (Otaria byronia) which participate in either the Sea Lion Show or Encounter.

Also known as the Patagonian sea lion, they can found on both the Atlantic and Pacific shores South America. The sea lions at Ocean World come from Uruguay, where harvesting of sea lion pups for fur is still allowed.

They have a life span of about 20 years and males can reach a size of up to 700 lbs.  while females do not get larger than 300 lbs.
Is there anything more playful than a sea lion?  The two male and six female sea lions at Ocean World come from Uruguay, South America and offer our guests a very special encounter.  Small groups of visitors are invited into unique pool areas where they can touch, feed, pet, and play games with our comical, agile sea lions.  At the end of the encounter, guests get a hug, a big wet kiss and the photo op of a lifetime! Take your own or order them from Ocean World’s professional photographers.
Watch a troupe of friendly, funny Patagonian sea lions teach their trainers a trick or two.  These natural acrobats glide, slide, dive and leap through the air to entertain and sometimes give their audiences an unexpected shower!  See this fascinating display of natural acrobatic talent, and we guarantee you’ll be dying to meet these friendly creatures up close in one of our interactive pools.

Our Shark Encounter pool has nine nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) who have been conditioned to be fed and handled by humans. They were collected from waters nearby and have adjusted well to their new home. Locally, the sharks are known as ‘tiburon gato’ or cat-shark.

Common in the Atlantic and in the eastern Pacific, in coastal tropical and sub-tropical shallow waters. In nature, nurse sharks are nocturnal and usually rest on sandy bottoms or in caves or crevices during the day.

Nurse sharks can obtain a size of almost 10 feet and weigh up to 300 lbs.
Meet the first cousin of the shark, the southern stingray, a beautiful marine creature you can touch, feed by hand and swim with in a warm, shallow pool.  Touch their velvety bodies and feel the gentle suction of their mouths as they snuggle into your hand, looking for a bit of fish.  Because these gentle creatures no longer have their powerful stingers, you’re perfectly safe to swim and enjoy the sensation of their graceful bodies moving around you.

Of all marine creatures, none is more fearsome or more fascinating than the shark! They are the stuff that legends, horror stories and movie nightmares are made of…but Ocean World is the only marine encounter park in the world to offer guests the chance to hold, to touch and to explore the deep sea secrets of the nurse shark.  Under the careful supervision of our highly trained shark encounter facilitators, you’ll move beyond your natural fears and enter a brave new world.  By first touching, then holding, then feeding and finally swimming in the same aquarium with a posse of gentle nurse sharks, you’ll gain an understanding and an appreciation of this beautiful and awe-inspiring creature that few people with ever share.

Have your picture or video taken by our professional photo-video staff — you’ll want brag to your friends back home!


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